Thursday, November 29, 2007

Parenting is Hard Work

I have raised the Panopticon*

So, the other night, as E and I were sitting around pretending to care that the house is covered in cat hair and that we were going to do something about it NOW, G comes in and rats herself out about how she was reading Game Informer, a magazine to which E got her a subscription, and how it is probably not appropriate reading for her. (This, when the subscription is about to expire.)

I know, I know. My 10 year old is reading a magazine marketed toward teenage boys. In my defense, my parenting credo is to not give a shit what my kid does. Also, I think the magazine was free with some sort of video gaming bloodlust thing, and who am I to pass up free?

It just struck me as kind of poignant that my sweet little girl would rat herself out. I hope she remembers to do that in about five years. It's a skill I think she should hone. Because I will certainly hone my parenting skills.

* A prison designed by Jeremy Bentham in the 1700s and an idea embraced by Michel Foucault re: discipline and society. Man, that M.A. was TOTALLY WORTH IT!


  1. Well, yeah, but she read all the issues first, right? So maybe you could get her to move that self-ratting timetable up a couple of months?

  2. Have I told you lately how much I love a person who can use the word "Panopticon" in casual conversation?

  3. Interesting post,
    Parenting can be hard enough without a solid parenting plan to help guide you through some of the potential pitfalls. Without a solid plan, your parenting skills may be put to the test more than you wish they would be and you may wind up making some awkward decisions that could greatly affect your family. With a comprehensive plan for parenting and raising your family, however, you can be a little more comfortable and a lot more prepared when it comes to raising your children. :)



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