Monday, November 26, 2007


So I've been meh about posting, mostly because I'm embarrassed that I've told people that I am such a goober about wanting people to like me.

And then I realized, who cares if people think I'm a goober? Isn't that what the internet is for?

And, most importantly, my lovely internet friends DO NOT think I'm a goober. Which is a delight.


So I'll catch you up with my Thanksgiving:

** My cousin (former student of the year at her college prep school and current pre-med student), my sister (current office worker), my daughter (10 year old brainiac) and I (well, words fail me) spent a VERY large amount of time practicing gang symbols. The Blood's gang sign, to be exact. In my parents' whitey-white suburban neighborhood. As we were taking a break from playing Apples to Apples (Hilarious game!) and pausing between foraging for food. Yeah. Nerds.

[But how cool is it that you can spell the word BLOOD with your fingers? Huh? HOW COOL?]

** I accidentally bought the adult version (and by adult, I don't mean porno) of Apples to Apples for my daughter and her friends to play. Except that a couple of the cards were the words SEXUAL and SENSUAL. So I guess I do mean porno adult. Poor kid was mortified and wanted to know if she should just throw away the cards or first rip up the cards and then throw them away.

** I also accidentally ended up eating with the giant turkey serving fork after picking up a piece of turkey, putting it on my plate, and then starting to cut the turkey and take a nice bite. It took me a few bites before E realized something was wrong. Yeah, not only did I not notice I was eating with a giant silver serving piece, but when I finally stopped laughing about it, I almost made my cousin choke because I absentmindedly started using it AGAIN. Mmmmm . . . giant turkey fork.

** I saw another cousin I hadn't seen in ages. That was particularly fun because we both just found out that we are major hypochondriacs! Well, not really hypochondriacs. Mostly insane with medical overtones.

** E and I have decided that the best Simpson's episode EVER is the one where they go to Flander's beach house. Seriously. Possibly best t.v. show episode ever.

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  1. Totally laughing at the giant fork thing.

    I need to rent more Simpsons DVDs.


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