Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Picture . . .

My desk is a mess. Seriously. A big honking mess.

I know I need to take care of it, but things just keep happening (you know, like life) that make me not want to deal.

Instead, I'll do a photo essay:

This is the center of my desk. Please note the giant pile of receipts next to the printer. And my perfume on top of the printer. Because I often feel the need to spritz myself with Coco Mademoiselle while working.
The giant blue cup is supposed to be filled with water to keep me hydrated, but I often drink it down to the dregs and then forget to refill it, so I sip the remaining molecules in an attempt to quench my thirst.

Next is the right side of my desk. It' got piles of papers, a bluebook, and my sad, broken backed chair that I use as a bookshelf. See those books? I've not looked in most of them! Also take a look at the Mom & Me picture frame from G that still, 2 years later, has no photo.

Finally, the left side of my desk. For some reason, this photo won't sit right, so just tilt your head and look at the fabulousness that is piles of paper! and pens and pencils! and TWO broken drawers. You'll note the smaller drawer is hiding underneath the center of the desk in shame. And I know the umbrella is hideously floral blue. I don't even know where it came from.

Do you see what I have to work with?

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