Friday, December 28, 2007

Blech and Meh

* One friend canceling plans because she had to go to work.

* Another friend canceling tentative New Year's Eve plans.

* Finding out I got a B- in one of my classes

**This gets its own subheading, because I feel like all I do is study and read and read supplemental material and go to class and take notes and I'm still getting shitty grades.

***This is horrifying, since my student loans mean I'm going to have to get a decent job, and my grades mean that it's going to be very, very, very hard.

****It's also horrifying because I thought I was smart, and particularly if I applied myself, I could do anything. When did I get to be so stupid?

******Is it early onset Alzheimers?

* Another friend who is . . . well, we've known each other for years, and for the past 15-20, I've realized that she tends to view me not as someone who is a good friend but as someone who is around when it's convenient for her. That's on my nerves all the time. Last time she was in town, she said we'd meet up for Christmas, but suddenly - after E called to find out when/if they'd be up, because I wasn't going to call because I knew it wasn't going to happen - they might be able to see us for a bit tonight before they leave. And then, well, they left late so we won't be seeing them at all. Hmm . . . nice.

* Still, it's been an o.k. quiet day, which I really needed. I finished up part of my project, and I'm just trying to relax. Got some more Sopranos from Netflix, and tomorrow we're going to the museum, and E picked up carryout for dinner, so neither of us had to cook, and Brain Regan is on Comedy Central and there's a What Not To Wear marathon on, so it's pretty good.

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  1. Blech AND Meh? Not a good combo.

    Dunno what to tell you about the grades thing. You've pretty much described my law school career. But I didn't have a husband and a kid then.


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