Saturday, January 26, 2008

Guess What?

Thought I'd dropped off the face of the earth, didya?

Well, pretty much. I had a metric ass ton of work to do, and in-laws over, and random crap.

And then yesterday I had the motherfucker of all migraines - I still feel kind of woozy.

Also, yesterday was an amazing parenting moment. First, even with blinding head pain and nausea, I managed to change from one pair of pajamas into another pair (I hate sleeping in pants pjs, I only like nightgowns, and they can't be too heavy, because I'm already like a furnace when I sleep, so they have to be lightweight, but laying around in a short sleeved lighweight nightgown when it's 5 degrees outside makes me cold, so I have a pair of (VERY SEXY) flannel snowflake pjs perfect for lounging around in) and move from a prone position on the bed to a prone position on the couch. I also watched some morning t.v., which I don't usually do, and I was so wrecked and wiped out from the mf'ing migraine that I wept like a moron at whatever tearjerker, heartwarming story they had on. Then I turned off the t.v., in order to save my sanity.

Then I turned the t.v. BACK ON and watched a lot of hours of Veronica Mars (2nd season) until the kid came home (thanks for picking her up, sister-woman!) at which point (and here comes the great parenting moment) I let her watch a number of hours of completely inappropriate Veronica Mars.

Husband-man didn't think much about it, since we both rationalized it away by saying, "Why, when I was 11, I watched all kinds of crap unsupervised, like SNL or Fantasy Island or the Love Boat or Three's Company" (and now that I think about it, what the hell were our parents thinking? Seriously? And why the hell were we up so late?).

Plus, we got to explain what coke and an 8ball were. Along with the admonition to never do coke (unless you need to get a lot of stuff done and you have a lot of money).

And that's one to grow on.

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  1. Sorry about the migraine. Hope you're feeling better.

    Along with the admonition to never do coke (unless you need to get a lot of stuff done and you have a lot of money).

    And for those of you overwhelmed by your to-do list but without the cash flow for cocaine, there's methamphetamine. You may want to check your dental coverage first, though.


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