Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tricky, Tricky

I have two tubes of the same color lipstick. It's my basic lipstick (Tenderheart) and Clinique saw fit to toss a freebie my way during the last gift with purchase. Yay! A nice full size tube in a shade I like.

However, somehow, I can never seem to find either one. Even when one of them is in my little lipstick case, which you think would make it easier to find, since, hello, it is BIGGER, I can't lay a hand on it.

So, today, as I was digging in my GIANT bag for my small bottle of handcream, I finally found the lipstick case, which had been MIA for about 2 weeks. How my hand never came into contact with it before is remarkable. I thing there are wormholes and sometimes the lipsticks just disappear, have a party somewhere else, and come back, completely hungover and ready to rest. They taste a little like gin.


I got my haircut today. I'm thinking (again) about color - but is it worth it to have it done at a salon? I used to color it all sorts of fun colors by myself, but I feel like I should be hitting the salon now.


I have to read 2 Dickens novels for a class (Oliver Twist and Great Expectations). I think it is complete bullshit to have to read something that was written because the guy was PAID BUY THE FUCKING WORD. 533 pages? Bite me.

Also, Dickens just sucks anyway. I want to punch stupid little Oliver and then hit him over the head with that whiny fuck Jane Eyre.


  1. OK. I just have to stick up for Jane Eyre here. I grant you that she is a whiny fuck but she didn't marry that creepy minister like everyone thought she should. For her era and station in life, that alone showed a radical sense of self. Maybe?

    I think I want to go blond.

  2. Clinique has been giving away Tenderheart for years. I have many free tubes.


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