Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's What Day Now?

I can't believe I've been sick for a week. The Girl still has a dry, hacking cough, but I actually woke up this morning feeling not like hell, which is a vast improvement.

The Husband and I had plans to go out with another couple to watch UofM hockey (oh, yeah, totally my choice), but while I'm not dead, I'm not well, so he picked a ringer and took a friend. Or maybe he took his mistress. I'm not sure.

I've done some homework, but can't seem to get myself excited about doing anymore. I am excited about ordering some non-school books. Plus a DVD of Casablanca. Our VHS copy is wearing out, so I'm moving into the early 2000s and upgrading. Of course, this will push back the whole doing homework thing, but really, who gives a shit?

I also realized today that I've been in this house for the past 3 days. My only time outside has been getting the mail. I need to get out. I think I'm turning into Jack Nicholson.

Or Homer Simpson.

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