Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sure, Come On Over. It'll Be Fun!


It's been a couple of days.

Last night, we had a friend of mine and her new boyfriend over for dinner. Fine and dandy, except, of course, I left everything too late and was scrambling all day Friday trying to clean, shop, pick up drying cleaning, get hair cut, do homework, etc. I hate doing that, and yet it's like I'm powerless to get my shit in gear any sooner. Go figure. I'm trying yoga (twice this week so far!) and while I'm still not a fan of the meditation/relaxation thing, I can sit quietly for a few minutes!

So the hair cut was good, and I am now growing out my hair and have a kick ass new hair tool to use:

I know it looks like an alien orthodontic probe, but it is instead a miracle worker for curly hair. I think it's cool because you can scoop up some hair and give it a twirl and tada! Instead of tiny tight curls you can have looser curls. Which is AWESOME. And will be even more awesome when I figure out exactly how to use it. Because now I end up with weird sausage curls in random placed. Kind of pretty. If you squint.

So, last night, dinner.

Was chaos.

Because? Our "friends" (not my friend and her new boyfriend, other people) are in the midst of splitting up / reconciling / being batshit insane and decided to involve us.

Basically, there was a conversation between my husband the guy, wherein the guy spilled A LOT of dirt about his and his wife's relationship and other sundry issues and my husband was supportive, saying stuff like, well, maybe you should go to counseling, and maybe she just seems all kinds of nuts, etc.

So this bozo decides to spin E's remarks and make it like E was saying all these crazy ass nasty things about his wife. Yeah, he did. Nice bridge burned there, buddy.

And then the wife? Called and dragged E into it. During dinner. Because who knew, when answering the phone, that this crazy was going to spill out from the other end?

So, my friend and her new boyfriend were very cool about it, and we chatted about crazy people and relationships and they seemed o.k., but I kept apologizing for the crazy disruption (you know, since E was completely pole-axed by the phone call and couldn't get himself together for a few minutes) and hoped that they liked being in the midst of madness and drama. Which is pretty much the antithesis of our usual Friday nights.

Delightful, really.

At least the steaks were good. And there was chocolate cake - which looked good. And chocolatey.


And this, which I HIGHLY recommend:

Seriously. It's good cheap wine. And was surprisingly apt for last night's frivolities.


  1. I swear! I almost wanted to hash this out - or at least go off on these people - but not only do I not like confrontation, but I really don't see the point here.


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