Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Randomy Randomness

**Ah, yes. My good friend procrastination. I've been putting off finishing this job because . . . I don't want to get paid? Yeah. I'm an idiot.

**It's been so long since I've had anything dry cleaned that the place I used to go to closed down some time ago and I didn't realize it until 9am this morning when I was sitting the parking lot going "Cookie Store, Random Shop, Empty Store, Ink Stop. I swear there was one hour Martinizing right here somewhere." But I found a new dry cleaner that was having a 50% off deal on dry cleaning orders over $30. You bet your ass I took as much as I could hold into the store!

**So Reaper was not, in fact, on last night. It's on tomorrow night. I was livid. I sat there, cursing CW, Entertainment Weekly, my own misreading eyes and stupid ass One Tree Hill, wondering why the fates were so cruel.

**And seriously? One Tree Hill? That's what you have on during Reaper's old time slot? How is that right? I detest Chad Michael Murray. He was wretched as the stupid rich Chilton boy whose name escapes me on Gilmore Girls (as if Paris would have liked him. I mean, it's Paris Geller, not Paris Hilton. Paris Geller has standards.) and he seems wretched on his new show.

** You know what I hate? Fish.

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