Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So the girl has not been sleeping well the past couple of nights, which means she's been in bed with me. Once she's in, she's out like a light. I, however, have been getting next to no sleep because I can't sleep when she's in the bed with me. I mean, I drop off and then get jolted awake, but even when I'm sleeping, I'm stuck in one spot so I don't toss her off the bed (again. Yes, I did that once. Scared us both to death.).

I'm glad I'm on break, since I'm so sleep addled I can't focus very well. I did about an hour's worth of brain-involved work, an hour's worth of writing (yahoo! writing again!) and some random household stuff. Then, at dinner, we had the t.v. on, because we enjoy being white trash sometimes. We were watching an episode of Scrubs that I have seen, at minimum, 6 times. And yet, because I'm so delirious, even after watching about 20 minutes of the show, when I walked into the kitchen to answer the phone (Purple Heart - no, we don't have anything this go round) and then walked back into the dining room to eat, I looked at the t.v. and said, "Wait. Why is everyone mad at Carla?" BECAUSE OF THE LAST 20 MINUTES OF THE SHOW, MAYBE???? (Because Kelso made her be the bad guy and say no to everyone. Just in case you're curious.)

On the plus side:



  1. I like a person who's shy and reserved like you. I'm the same way, but I tend to get loud and even. So, we're alot alike, but in different ways. Seriously, I really enjoyed your comments over at KathyR's blog.

  2. Oh, yeah? Whatcha writin'?

    It cracks me up that you're excited about seeing something you're probably too tired to stay up to watch.

  3. John - yes, shy and reserved are excellent adjectives. If by shy and reserved you mean misanthropic.

    KathyR - yeah, kinda writing p-rn. Ish. And since Reaper is on tomorrow night I'm TOTALLY napping so I can stay up and watch it!


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