Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I have my first final exam of the semester tomorrow, and I'm not kidding, I am FREAKING OUT.

I have called my friends and flipped out on them, and they've been kind but not real good at the SHUT UP WITH THE CRAZY ALREADY, so I'm still simmering and stewing in the nutso broth.

I've done all the reading. I missed 2 classes when I had the flu, but was there for every other one, and while there were some days where I was spacing out at times, I still ended up with over 100+ pages of notes, so I was paying attention at some point, right? AND YET.

Fuck. I have zero idea what is going on. I took a practice exam using one of the old exams and got A LOT wrong. A LOT. As if I hadn't studied the subject at all.

So I'm kind of paralyzed with angst here. Stressing out. Plus the girl is going away for a few days, and while I'm glad and she's beyond thrilled, she's going with friends for the first time and it's kind of stressing me out. I know she'll be fine. It's the extra anxiety pushing its way out.

Oi. Maybe I should just go watch a movie. Did anyone watch Reaper? I loves me some devil!

End of scattered post.

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