Tuesday, April 22, 2008


As noted before, things have been rather shitty here for a while.

They've been slowly getting somewhat better, but today has been one of those days where I just can't win.

** Got very little sleep last night (hot/crampy/ugh).

** Tired today, which makes it hard to think, much less study.

** Drive through at bank and 1) Tried to drive up to closed tellermachinethingy, so I waited pulled out in front of them all, like a moron; 2) Then pulled up and didn't get the angle/distance right, so had to unbuckle seat belt and open door; 3) Forgot to include ID in transaction, but nice teller-lady gave me my money anyway - as well as a sternish reminder to use my ID. So that's a wash; 4) Spilled pen out of giant tube thing, so I had to open door and contort to find pen - fucking pen.

******* (I used the drive through because I had become insanely paranoid that I had spotted on my pants. I didn't, but I hate that paranoia.)

** Stopped at drive thru (see reasoning above) to get Wendy's fries, because I was starving, and then I had to wait for them, and they forgot to bring them out to me and so I had to go into the restaurant with my shirt pulled down really far and say, "Where are my fucking fries?" But nicely. Because I don't want spit in my food. And then I realized I don't really like Wendy's fries. They taste all chemically. And not good McDonald's chemically.

**Am getting like 70% wrong on this fucking practice exam. HELP ME.

** Made an assumption about plans for the weekend, and just got shit on. YAHOO. So I'm free Friday night. Anyone want to come over?


  1. Gad.

    Sure, I'll be over. I'll bring the rest of this stupid Zyrtec I bought. We can take it and then lie down and sleep for-fricking-ever.

  2. We can do NyQuil shooters, too. Now THAT'S a fun night!


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