Sunday, April 20, 2008


I hate when people think poorly of me. It's the odd flipside to the fact that I hate people and could give a shit less what they think of me. (Don't try to figure it out, I'm still in therapy. When we have a breakthrough, I'll let you know.).

Today has just been one of those days where I'm already edgy (hello, tiredness and pms!), and everyone is busting my chops.

My sister gets on my case about making this cream cheese onion dip ("It's too fattening. We don't need that." NO FUCKING KIDDING, BUT IT'S ALSO DELICIOUS AND I NEED MY SALT RIGHT THE FUCK NOW), so I had to deal with that sniping and that snide "we". And yet I managed not to say, "So, that no eating fatty food working out for you? Because you look like you've been putting on weight." I didn't say that, because I don't want to hurt her feelings. Fucker.

Then, my dad starts in when I ask him if he's able to pick up the girl from school a couple of days this coming week so I can study, and he starts harping on how on Friday, I had forgotten to ask them to pick her up and it was kind of a headache FOR ME trying to get her home and OH MY FUCKING GOD, PEOPLE FORGET SHIT, O.K.???? I managed not to throw in his face his shitty parenting skills. Breathe and move on.

And then, earlier this evening, we realized that the girl has several conflicts this coming Saturday, and we tried to figure out what would be best for her. Well, what would be best would be for her to get away for a few days with some friends, because things here were very, very shitty for quite a while the past couple of months. So I emailed one of her teachers about the conflict, wondering if she could beg off from this one activity, and I get back the, "Sure, that's fine, I understand conflicts even though we sent home this date in October." YOU KNOW WHAT? FUCK YOU. I'VE GOT A LOT GOING ON, O.K.? October to April? That is not even on my radar.

So that was my day today. Plus, I'm getting my period and I failed TWICE trying to sing "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" Very cranky making and I'm tired and going to bed. With a non-law book.

p.s. The onion dip was fucking delicious.


  1. I must say I laughed at the "snide we." My son does that all the time. You know, like, "Mom, can we get me a new forty dollar D&D book?" (Answer: sure, as soon as you produce "our" forty dollars.)

    I hope this week is better for you! :)

  2. You can't take those law texts to bed anyway. If you fall asleep while reading it (very likely), you could be crushed.

    Sorry about all the "ughs." People suck sometimes. Most of the time. When do people not suck?

  3. Julie - What is it about the we that makes people think you'll go along with something? Conspiracy theory?

    Kathy - Yeah, I'd hate to die under copyright.


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