Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I've spent the past 2 days studying and running around the Suniverse trying to get stuff done.

These are the days when I don't even understand how I thought I could manage being a wife, parent, and student. I resent everyone trying to take time away from me for any little thing (Seriously, furnace guy, just fix that fucking whistling noise and go away; I don't care what makes it do that. Kid, get to drum lessons on your own. You get the idea.).

I've been doing yoga pretty regularly for the past 3 or 4 weeks, and I guess it's helped. I'm a bit calmer in general, and tend to just get agitated and mutter under my breath about thisstupidfuckinghouse and goddamnshittydrivers rather than let loose with a massively insane screech fest. So that's progress. I just have to remind myself it's baby steps.

The nice (?) thing is that my law school friends are feeling the same way. So I know it's not just me who is frantic, but I still feel like I should have my shit wrapped tight. Is that even a phrase? Because, you know, I need to be completely on top of stuff. ALWAYS.

We went to the museum on Sunday for our anniversary, and is it wrong that the first thing we did was hit the gift shop? What? It was right there!

I really wanted to get one of these:

It's a mousepad - so cute, right? But it was $22, and I thought that was extremely outrageous for something to roll my mouse over. So I figured I'd go online and find one, which I did . . . for $22. What the hell? I mean, I get that it's cool, but seriously? $22? Isn't the point of child labor cheap merchandise?

I'm done for the night. I may go watch some crappy t.v. Or just sit quietly and NOT think about copyright law.


  1. Cracking up at the child labor/cheap merchandise.

    Yoga kills my knees. I need one of those superthick yoga mats. Maybe I need two. I'm sure my fellow inmates would appreciate it if I, too, could stop with the screechfest already.

    Good luck. Hang in. Etc.

  2. Kids have to be good for something, right?

    I do yoga with pillows under my knees for kneeling things - they don't hurt that way. It's actually kind of nice.

    Thanks for the luck - I'll take it!


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