Sunday, December 28, 2008


I'm wasted.

So very tired.

We've had people almost non-stop since the 20th, and while I love to be around people, I do need my alone time. Finally, today, we're just hanging around as a family. ALONE.

And I'm getting antsy. Because I need to do something. Wow. I'm mental.

We had a nice holiday. I have Christmas day at my house, and we ended up with 12 people - so enough to be entertaining, but not overwhelming. We played Bingo and I won 3 times!! We played 25 cents/card, and the loot started to add up. There's nothing like winning money to make the season bright.

Of course, heading over to my parents made me realize why some people hate the holidays. Even as I was getting dressed, I was stressing out, because it's a non-stop cranky-critical fest over there. So I calmed myself and reminded myself that it was only one day, for a few hours, and that they didn't hate me, they just . . . not that they don't like me, but they don't approve of me. I am not the person they expected, and I [in their opinion] take all the wonders of my life for granted. Or some shit.


My in-laws were here yesterday [again. Still], and while my nieces were hounding the Girl to play Polly Pockets, my mother- and father-in-law, E and I watched The Great Escape. Which neither E nor I had ever seen. I don't know why E had never seen it, but I am not a war movie person, so it's not surprising I had not seen that. But they asked me if I wanted to watch it, and I had just spent 2 1/2 hours shopping and returning things and then came home to make lunch and I needed to sit quietly, and I thought laying in my bed watching something else (maybe Entourage or Bones or my new BUFFY DVDs [jealous much?]) would be rude. So I sat down. And my mother- and father-in-law spent the entire movie as follows:


"I think this is when he goes in the cooler. They keep sending him in there."
"Oh, you'll never believe who has trouble in the tunnel. Look. Look at him. Can you believe it? He has trouble in the tunnel. Later in the movie."
"You know, at the end, you won't believe what Steve McQueen does. When he tunnels out. He goes back. Can you believe it?"
"Isn't this the movie where Donald Pleasance goes blind?"
"Oh. That's right. They get killed here."
"Oh, look. He's going to get caught. Right now. On the train."
"Didn't they all die? Wait. That's right. I think he makes it."
"But the other ones get caught. Oh. That's right. That's coming up right now."

Seriously. The ENTIRE fucking movie. Which, by the way, lasted 3 FUCKING HOURS, and no one warned me ahead of time. I was going mad. My husband, who has had to endure this movie watching experience his whole life, was completely oblivious, and didn't notice until I had pointed it out to him after my in-laws finally left. Sweet jesus. That was traumatic.

In other news, I am kick ass at Rock Band when it comes to power rock ballads. Punk rock? I SUCK. I don't understand this.

I have to work this week. Boo. I love my job, but I want to take a break. I'm so lazy sometimes.

Time to go play Rock Band. Must get ready to jam on Living on a Prayer.

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