Sunday, December 14, 2008

What a Wonderful World

Today, I have a migraine.

Last night, I went to Target with a friend of mine, and as we were checking out (Jesus, how did we each spend $180 on shit at Target???), a lovely holiday drama was unfolding at the register in front of us:

Old Lady (and by old, I mean 70s): You are disrespecting me! You cannot put your stuff on the counter when my stuff is there! You are touching my stuff!

Younger Lady (and by younger, I mean 40s): I'm not touching your stuff. I am putting my stuff over here.

OL: You better move your stuff. You better take that stuff off.

YL: I'm not moving my stuff.

OL: MOVE YOUR STUFF. You are disrespectful. Stop touching me! (YL was NOT touching OL).

YL: I'm not touching you. I'm not touching your stuff. [To the helpless cashier] Can you please call security?

OL: Yes. Call security! And call Jesus, too!

This went on for a painfully long time. Finally, Security (two young women) showed up, moved YL's stuff to another register, and the two women were checked out, with OL still fussing.

My friend and I were dying. Our cashier was shaking her head. My friend asked if that kind of thing happened a lot. The cashier said that was the second time today.

I have to admit, I was VERY tempted to bump into OL with my cart. I didn't.

And since I've now posted a blog entry, I have no excuse, not even this painful migraine, to not be studying. Or at least putting stuff together to be printed.

Happy Holidays!

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