Monday, January 12, 2009

Waaaah. School.

First day back in class. I've been so angry and cranky lately, and I absolutely did not want to go.

Once I got there, it was o.k. My friend, who I take all my classes with, is in VEGAS [she sucks] so it was just me. And other people, obvs, but it was weird not having her there.

The classes were fine. Each prof had decided today was the day to talk about himself (all men this term). None kept us the whole time. One showed us a movie! O.k., it was a PBS special on water, but still! A movie-type thing!

Another started class discussing how a Texas legislator is bringing a bill in Congress on banning the BCS unless there is a playoff game. The class? Sports law? No. Capital punishment. Seriously.

Then I had dinner with two of my friends. And my friend called from Vegas while we were eating. We roundly booed her and her 60 degree weather.

Still, not a bad day.

Even though the idiot bookseller guy who was supposedly helping me gave me the wrong books, and I had to go return them and they didn't even HAVE the right books, so I had to order them online, and now I'm exhausted.

School is draining.

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