Sunday, February 15, 2009


I think my favorite moments as a parent are those when I'm doing something hilarious and my kid is laughing along with me. I was walking back toward G while we were shopping and I decided to strut. She could not stop laughing, and neither could I. It was a nice parenting moment. I'll remember that when I have to drop her off at the end of the block so no one can see me.


I'm partnered with someone I had never met for a class we're taking. To say that she is less than involved is putting it mildly. She is awful. I'm trying to be o.k. with that.


I need to spend more time looking for work. I hate that part of working. Just give me a job. I'm a good worker and I won't spend all day IMing.


Speaking of, a new person started at work, and even though during orientation, the tell you that your computer will be monitored, she wasn't there one day before I noticed she was IMing and shopping online. Seriously. I know I spend a few minutes playing Spider Solitaire when I'm trying to think of my argument, and I'll obssessively check the weather when a storm of some sort is in the offing, but even I have not gotten so blase about IMing. Bizarre.


E spent Friday night and most of Saturday attending the funeral of his uncle's partner. That whole thing was a big ball of crazy. I'm glad I didn't go, but he's wiped out.


I think one of the reasons I detest Scalia is that I'll be reading an opinion and think, "I know I am diametrically opposed to his worldview, but he's almost making sense setting up this argument . . . " and then I'll hit the point of his idiocy and go, "Ah, there it is." He strings me along and wastes my time, and I do not appreciate that.


I got fingerprinted! Woohoo! Everyone was talking about how they went and got fingerprinted and were surrounded by parolees/probationers and were freaked out by the sketchyness. I didn't notice anything. I don't know if that says anything about how uptight some white people can be or about how skeevy my world it. Probably a bit of both.

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