Tuesday, February 10, 2009


First, E gets in a car accident this morning, where a kid slid into him on the black ice, pushing E's car into the car in front of him. He's fine. The car needs lots of work. The idiot police officer wanted to amend the police report to leave the car E slid into out of it [because the lady didn't have any damage and didn't want her insurance company involved]. And by amend, I mean change what happened. Which I think is completely WRONG. And going to be a pain in the ass with the insurance company who E had already contacted about this.

So that sucks ass.

And then, when E finally gets home, he finds out his uncle's best friend/gentleman friend of 40 years died. And I can't even begin to get into the drama that is unfolding from that. Suffice to say, recriminations and Not Speaking and . . . poor E is Mr. Calm in the center of it all. Which makes me V. Cranky. Because what the fuck, people? Act like grown ups.

And I'm on call tomorrow and have not read a single thing. I'll do that later. Maybe before class. That would be optimal. We'll see how that goes.

I'm going to find a book I love to read and go to bed soon.

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