Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Day That is Just Like That One in October

In bigger news, G dislocated her knee AGAIN today. The last time she did was October 16th or 24th [she's done this twice before, both times in October, a year apart]. That's always a fun phone call to get: Ms. Suniverse? This is Secretary from Your Daughter's School. G dislocated her knee . . . FUCKITY FUCK.

So I had to bolt from work, couldn't get hold of E, called my sister to tell her to meet the ambulance at the school, booked to the ER, which WTF, why am I in an ER when there is SWINE FLU??? [This after spending yesterday in an exam room with people SNEEZING everywhere and last night in a high school gym watching a band concert with a gajillion families all breathing my same air].

So G got her knee popped in after taking some delightful drugs [morphine and this valium anesthetic] and now we're home and my sister picked up a ton of carryout which was cold by the time she got here, but at least it's food I didn't have to make, right? E had to go back to work, and I'm avoiding studying. Next exam is . . . Wed, May 6th. I think. Or Tuesday May 5th. I should check that out.

I'm tired.


  1. The SAME knee? Three times? I hope there's a warranty on that thing.

  2. Seriously. I'm trading her in as soon as possible. I'm dreading the possibilty of surgery. UGH!


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