Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hate to Shop.

I always detest shopping for myself because I can never find [well, very seldom find] anything on sale that I like. Or in the discount stores. People always say, "Oh, go to TJMaxx or Marshalls, you'll find lots of great things there." But I never do. And my competitive crazy side makes me feel like a failure for NOT finding a great designer suit for $7.50. Also, I just have issues buying stuff for myself.

Last night, E and I went to dinner and he was talking about how he wanted to get some new shoes. I had mentioned how I needed a new black suit because my old one was really showing the wear of a year's worth of wear, plus there was some weird grey stain on the sleeve that wouldn't come out. So we went to DSW and Macys. They had some great shoes at DSW for him, but not in his size, so we hit Macys, where he got a pair of shoes and a belt for an amazing deal.

Then we went and looked for a suit for me. I found a nice Jones New York jacket and pants and shirt, but I could only get 20% off, which made me feel like a failure, not only because I felt like I should be a better bargain hunter, but also because of the whole "Now's the best time to haggle" thing.

I hate shopping. I got a nice suit which I like, but I almost threw up at the price because I felt awful paying that much for myself. E reminded me that I had been on him to get a new black suit and we would have paid at least that much for his, and he would only wear it on special occassions, not every day to work. Still. It's exhausting.

Plus, we bought $4 worth of Mega Millions lottery tickets, and we didn't win any money. Bitter.

So I'm trying to focus on the positive. It's beautiful out today, and I only have a few errands to run plus some schoolwork to do. I may sit outside and do it. Although I have noticed bugs are already flying around like they own the place. Still, it's pleasant and nice and I'm going to enjoy my day.

And maybe go to Macys and see if I can't get any more money off that suit.


  1. I've found some good housewares things at TJMaxx or Ross, but never anything I'd want to wear.

    I shop online. I don't mind eating the shipping to send something back. I figure it's worth the six bucks to not have to drive, park & shop in person.

    20% off sounds like a good deal to me if it's for something you like.

  2. something you like, plus you'll wear it all the time for work.

    it's so hit and miss at the discount stores. plus, i'm a weird size and am no longer 20. really, i don't have much better luck at m*cy's, and the price is hard to swallow. so, i also shop online, which would be more of a brag if i actually had a decent wardrobe out of the deal.

  3. Thanks, Kathys!

    I can never understand how people find fabulous deals at the discount stores. It's like they have some secret code or day they shop that I never am lucky enough to find.

    I love online shopping. It totally makes up for having to go deal with people.


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