Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dying for a New Look [HAHAHAHA PUNNY!] [Oh, sweet, jesus, shoot me now.]

I went and dyed my hair today.

This is a pretty big deal since:
  • I haven't dyed my hair in almost 20 years.
  • I have 2 boxes of that washout hair color in my house that I've been afraid to use because of my crazy anxiety about having allergic reactions to stuff like . . . water . . . or babies.
  • I managed to make it through the ENTIRETY of my appointment with nary a freak out. That didn't happen until I was almost home, at which point I called my husband and got his voicemail and told him I was freaking out and probably going to die, but I'd pick up the girl at my parents and meet him at home for dinner.
  • Then I made a bunch of other calls to friends/relatives and NO ONE answered, which was NOT helpful.
  • And also made me feel like I was invisible.
  • Except for the noxious hair color fumes still sticking to me.
  • But I've managed to sit here for another 5 hours and not die from hair dye.
The thing is . . . when I used to color my hair, it was always fun, wacky colors. And this time, we went with my color, but a bit richer and glossier. So now the gray is gone, but it's . . . my color. Not pink or blond or orange. Just . . . dark brown. Kind of a let down. I keep looking at myself in the mirror, almost hoping that the color has turned red or blue.

But I did it! I faced my fear and dyed my hair.

Next time, I'm getting red highlights.

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