Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lacking Motivation

Since I am currently unemployed, and can't even sue anyone yet [but if you have a need come November, when I get my results and can be licensed, give me a holler!], I've been doing not much of anything. I can't even muster up the energy to do laundry; the piles are threatening to take over the house.

I have been making some good dinners for the past few days. Steaks and potatoes and corn on the cob one night; beef stew; parmesan crusted chicken and pasta with grilled asparagus tonight. We're eating quite well. Of course, the food coma doesn't make it any easier to get on top of the laundry. Or the other chores.

I'm constantly trying to focus myself or plan my way into a cleaner household. I'll just do one closet or one room or even a drawer, I tell myself. Then I'll be done before I know it. This is the same approach I use with exercising. It doesn't work either way.

I hate not working. I feel purposeless. Well, I guess I wouldn't mind not working, if we could afford it. Well, plus maid service.

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