Thursday, October 1, 2009

My fascination with pretend land

I'm thinking positive on the job search. I'm trying not to feel like everyone else in the universe has a job. Because I'm certainly not alone. Still sucks, though.


Today, as I was watching Greek [shut up. It's a whole new kind of family on ABC. One where people booze it up and chicks run around in sexy pilgrim outfits, evidently. Pat Robertson must be shitting himself.] and ironing, I realized that I have taken to watching a LOT of tv since I finished school and suddenly have nothing to fill my days with [other than cleaning/laundry/errands/pretending to exercise/cooking/volunteer work - sweet god, I'm a housewife again! A housewife with serious debt and an ability to research on Lexis and Westlaw!]. I was talking to a friend of mine [he actually has a job] and we were talking about how sometimes [all the time] we feel out of place. And I said that I want to move to Stars Hollow. And you know what's scary? I meant it. Like it was a real place.

I need to step away from the remote and stop watching. Just as soon as stupid April shows up in Luke's life. Fucking April. She ruined Gilmore Girls. Well, truly, once Logan showed up, it started going in the shitter.

Wow. I really need to get a life.

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