Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baby Steps

So today marks Day 1 of writing every day.

So far, I've written an email, but nothing on paper/laptop. In my defense, the new issue of Entertainment Weekly had a Glee cover story. I came late to that show, but it is AWESOME. So I had to read all about it. And try and find the first episodes, which I missed and seem only to be available on iTunes, which, until I have a job, I am NOT BUYING STUFF. Except for food. And . . . no. Just necessities.

Also, my inlaws are here. Well, technically they are on their way back from watching UM getting stomped by Penn State and are not physically here. But they are here emotionally and psychically. And although I haven't actually cleaned anything or done anything extra or even gone out and picked up sour cream for the baked potatoes we're having for dinner, I've emotionally and psychically had to have some just me time, because company is exhausting!

Wow. I am LAZY.

Time to write!

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