Wednesday, October 21, 2009

That Feeling Again

So chock full of ennui today, all I could manage was a couple of loads of laundry [whites still sitting in the dryer, wrinkling as I write and time continues to pass]. I had all sorts of plans and even felt happy and good when I woke up and did my yoga. But the day started to drag right around lunch time, and I've been bone tired ever since. I'll blame PMS.

Also, possibly unrelatedly, I've been listening to French music all day. Thus the ennui instead of the just plain blah.

I had some raw chicken sitting in the fridge since Monday and it smelled just fine when I pulled up the plastic, but then I squeezed some lemon [in the fridge since???, but it smelled just fine, too] and when I pulled up the chicken to saute it in the pot [because I am too tired to even cook beyond that] there was goopy whitish junk under the chicken. Could it be fine? I hope so. I hate cooking.


  1. Are you still alive or did the chicken poison you all?!

    Actually, lemon juice will do that.

    French music? On purpose?

    Hope you're feeling better or at least have stopped listening to that blahnnui music and eating questionable dinners...

  2. So far, still alive. The chicken was tasty [or maybe that was salmonella].

    NO MORE SAD MUSIC! Only pop songs from now on!


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