Monday, October 26, 2009

I LOVE Scary Movies

I'm well on my way to watching tons of scary movies, which is my favorite part of the traditional Halloween season. The husband called me from work to tell me that AMC was playing a bunch of good ones like Psycho and The Shining [or as we still call it, The Shinning. Is there anything the Simpsons can't make better?].

Unfortunately, Psycho was the remake, and while I'm all about a tall svelte Vince Vaughn, there was no reason for that. And The Shinning was the original, which, while scary, is not as good as the remake. Also, Stanley Kubrick? Shitty director.

The girl has never watched a scary movie in all her almost 13 years because she used to get freaked out by the lamest/weirdest things, like a plant or the way someone laughed [in a non-scary manner] in non-scary movies, so we sheltered her from anything that had any suspense. But she's been reading some scary stuff at school and she wanted to try and watch a scary movie. So I let her watch The Shinning.

Well, let me clarify.

We caught about 20 minutes of The Shinning, which I paused on the DVR so that I could fast forward through the scary parts. Also, it wasn't from the beginning, so I kept having to pause to explain what was going on. Plus, she was trying to do her homework at the same time.

Basically, she watched Jack Nicholson drink in the bar, Scatman Crothers call the police from Florida, and Danny Torrence stand in the hallway outside the scary old lady in the bathtub room, while trying to read Keats' Ode to a Grecian Urn.

Tonight, we let her watch the first hour or so of Signs. Which is scary AND funny. But not gory. A nice mix.

We'll see if she wakes me up tonight with a bad dream.

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