Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Maytag, I'm warning you.

Our new dishwasher went kerflooey last night - stopped working near the end of its cycle and also kindly blew out the fuse that it shares with the coffee maker, microwave, fridge and stove. Yes, I know that's a lot of juice on one circuit, but we have an older house with spectacularly shitty wiring. We'll get to it soon. I swear.

So we couldn't use the dishwasher, because it would blow the circuit each time it was plugged in. E had to do the dishes by hand. Like a farmer. Or a hobo. If a hobo had a sink. Or dishes.

As E was standing at the sink, he said the most brilliant thing I've ever heard: "Whoever said the greatest invention is sliced bread is a fucking idiot. The greatest invention is a dishwasher."

It's true. I could not believe how thankful I was that my hands were covered in eczema [yes! so pretty!] and I couldn't do the dishes.

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