Monday, May 17, 2010

So Many Thoughts, So Little Thinking

Today, I made:
  • Blueberry muffins
  • Ground turkey baked ziti
  • Vegetarian baked ziti
  • Sauteed chicken
  • Giant salad
 And now my stomach is not feeling so good, so I'm just sitting here sipping water.


LOVE Joel McHale and The Soup.  Never really watch reality t.v. or daytime talk shows, but I get my fill from watching these clips.  That's plenty.


Today I wore bright blue eyeshadow.  I like doing that, even though I'm technically old enough to have worn bright blue eyeshadow un-ironically in the 1980s.  Although I didn't.  Strictly black eyeliner, black mascara, red lipstick.  Sort of like Robert Smith, but with different colored hair [depending on the month]

Also, my hair is curlier.  It does look pretty much like that when I get up in the morning.


Started reading Queen Bees and Wannabees.  I thought, for some reason, that it was fiction [because it was the basis of Mean Girls, I guess].  I asked the Girl if she'd had any of the problems listed in the book [mean bitchy friends, etc.] and she said no.  Of course, she may be exhibiting one of the issues - lying to me.  Who knows.


Speaking of the Girl, she has a RIDICULOUSLY strong sense of right and wrong.  We watch the t.v. show Bones [we hide our eyes during the gore.  We've also learned not to watch during dinner.].  We both like Booth [what's his name - David Boreanaz].  And now I've found that he's a slimy adulterer. 

I haven't told her.  She'll hate Boreanaz and refuse to watch him on principle, and I kind of want to keep watching.  Is this wrong?  Nope.  I don't think so.


That's it.  I'm out.  

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