Sunday, May 16, 2010

Marie Claire + Math = What Part of $100 Don't You Understand?

So, I've been getting some girlie magazines [not porno girlie, just regular chick magazines].

One of them I get is Marie Claire, which I generally like because it's less offensive than most DIET DIET YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO HAVE SEX WITH OR ATTRACT MEN [OR WOMEN, WHICH I WROTE INITIALLY AND HOW AM I NOW STUCK ON CAPS LOCK? There, that's better.] magazines.

Anyway, Marie Claire is now on my list [similar to Nixon's enemies list, but without the anti-Semitism] because of this feature they have:

Get the Look for $100

Where they show some runway outfit and then show you options to get that look for $100.


You can't get the outfit for $100.

You can get PARTS of the outfit for less than $100.  Say, $89 shoes.  But that leaves $11 for the rest of your outfit, which DOES NOT EXIST ON THAT PAGE.

So, Marie Claire, either you need to re-title this feature OR you need to actually put together a similar outfit for $100. Because you are NOT making friends, here.


  1. Yeah, see, I work in the media, and I'm always surprised to hear that people read magazines and stuff. I mean, I *know* that I should diet and, sure, I could use 69 tips on how to please the man I don't have, but I don't need a magazine to tell me that. Just a sassy gay friend.

  2. I love magazines! It's a fun way to read little bits of something and turning pages is ALWAYS so much fun.

    I do tend to read them a bit differently. Mostly I go, "Seriously? You want me to wear THAT? What's up with THOSE shoes? Oooh, pretty nail polish!"

    I agree wholeheartedly about the need for a sassy gay friend.


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