Friday, May 14, 2010

I have no idea what title goes here.

This is my third fourth fifth attempt at a blog post. FUCK YOU BLOGGER, for LOSING my genius last attempt!

Today I:

1.  Met a friend for lunch.  We met at one restaurant.  Ordered.  Waited for 40 minutes in a NEARLY EMPTY RESTAURANT [Seriously.  There was one other table there.] for our order before I finally said, fuck this, let's go to the coney island next door [Yes, we ate at a strip mall.  I live in the Land of Strip Malls.  Our official bird is the pigeon and there is a lighted parking lot on our flag.] because our order was nowhere near ready. 

[The reason for this, explained as we were leaving, was that they had a $900 carry out order to prepare.  Um, o.k.?  So?]

So we went two doors down and were seated and ordered and served our food within 10 minutes [we ordered basically the same thing - salad with chicken for me, burger for my friend]. Even though the place was FULL and I'm assuming that there were at least $900 worth of food being cooked before we got there.

Now, I get that you get busy, and I don't want to blame our waiter, even though he could have apologized for the wait say, 20 minutes before he did.  But I've worked in a restaurant, and while I know cooks can be assholes, slipping in a salad and burger order for people WHO ARE WAITING IN YOUR RESTAURANT shouldn't be that hard.

The owner/manager saw us as we left and his only apology-ish thing was to say sorry, but . . . whatever.

The other lunch was fine.  And it was nice to see my friend.

2.  Took the girl to get fitted for contact lenses.  She's been going to the same eye doctor for years and her eyes keep getting worse and worse - for a while, we were getting new prescriptions every 6 months.  GOODBYE MONEY!

Anyway, I find contacts disgusting and creepy.  But I stood there as she tried to get them out, getting more and more frustrated [because not only is she a perfectionist who thinks she should do everything perfectly right the first time she tries, but ALSO SHE HAS PMS.  GUESS WHO ELSE DOES?  YES!  MOMMY, TOO!] and more and more angry, so I tried to tell her to calm down, take a breath and when I went to rub her back, she PUSHED MY ARM AWAY. 

Damn, girl.  THISCLOSE to getting smacked, if I was the type of parent who believed in corporal punishment.  But I took a deep breath and calmed down and reminded myself that if I started yelling at her at the eye doctor, I would look like the bitch, even though SHE was the one who pushed MY soothing arm away, so I relaxed. 

And then mocked her in the parking lot and all the way home for being PMS-y and pushing me away.  I love being a parent. 

3.  Stopped at our library's book sale with the Girl and picked up other people's discards. I got some hardcover Fitzgeralds.  Remember when publishing companies put out sets of books by an other with matchy-matchy pretty covers?  These are dark blue clothbound books with gold writing.  Pretty AND they make you think!

I'll probably go back on Sunday for the $5 bag of books deal and get some cheesy books, if I can find some that aren't disgusting.  I have serious issues with other people's stuff.  I can't believe I did all my shopping in high school and college at thrift stores.  It gives me the shimmy shammies just thinking about it.


  1. Oooh! My library is having a book sale right now as well. I had to force myself not to go in there today. (luckily, I only had $2 on me - all in quarters - so I wasn't going to do much damage)

    Also - sorry your teen is being an itchy-b. I swear: I'm not sure how my parents let me survive my obnoxious teen years!

  2. Juli, I know! I'm just thankful that she's been kind so far. It's going to get ugly.

    My library does a sale in the fall, too, so there's always that!


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