Tuesday, May 4, 2010

That's Enough of THAT

I was at my daughter's middle school sporting event today and WOW, I forgot what bitches girls can be.  We just have the one child, and when she has friends over, I tend to leave them alone while eavesdropping and I have to say, either she hangs with a pretty good crowd, or they are really good at dissembling or I am deaf.

I know it is hard to struggle through puberty.  I know it is even harder to try and be yourself and figure out who yourself is so that you can be that [what?].  But sweet merciful crap, I don't want to be seated next to someone who is going through that struggle.  I dealt with it once, and am dealing with it again with the girl, I don't want front row seats to EVERYONE'S burgeoning awakening.

Next time, I'm watching from the car.


  1. Puberty was bad enough when I lived through it the first time. I cannot imagine having to sit idly by and watch someone I love fumble through it. That's probably why I have cats instead of kids. Or because I don't like kids. Or because I *really* like cats. I'm kind of transparent.

  2. Hahaha! I think it is so much more painful, even with all the first-person agita and angst, to watch my kid go through this.

    It is impossible for her to tell me of a kid being a jerk to her without me instantly [seriously, INSTANTLY] wanting to beat the fuck out of that kid.


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