Saturday, July 10, 2010

And You Thought the Raisin Post Was Lame

When we bought our fridge 11 years ago, we didn’t spend the extra whatever $ for the ice maker.  Because it was our first fridge and neither of us had ever had an ice maker growing up [back in the dark ages] and neither of us really thought about how important an icemaker could be.  Make ice? Use trays.  How fucking lazy are you?

Well, I am evidently extremely fucking lazy because it is a huge bone of contention that I am the only one who fills the ice cube trays.  There are arguments put forth that it’s because I’m the one who uses the most ice, but I think that’s just a bullshit excuse for people being too lazy to empty the trays into the ice bin and fill them up so that the ice bin never gets below half-full. [I am looking right at you, husband and daughter. But mostly husband, because, you know, you are my husband and should get blamed.]

I am filled with jealousy when I go visit friends and family who have upgraded their refrigerators in the past 10 or so years.  Upgrades that naturally include an ice maker.  It is grossly unfair.  A crime against humanity that these people are so cavalier about having a non-stop ice supply while I have to make ice like a hobo. [If a hobo had a means of making ice.  You know. At the hobo camp.  Maybe they plugged in an abandoned refrigerator in an abandoned building where they hacked the electrical to the neighbor’s house or a nearby electric pole.  It could happen.  Hobos are wily.]

I am conversely stunned when I go to people’s houses and they only have a couple of trays that are half-full and there is no ice cube bin.  How are theses people enjoying their beverages? What is wrong with them? Are they all drinking lukewarm water and soda?  Are they European? And on a completely different note, how do you put an ice cube tray BACK into the freezer when there are only 3 cubes left?  HOW DOES THAT HELP ANYONE?

Anyway, I have a bunch of crap to do today and the list just got longer because I had to add “MAKE ICE!” to it.  It’s like I have nothing else to do. 

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