Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Please Explain

Please explain to me why, after having looked for over a year for a job, I get an interview for my dream job in a tiny podunk town 3 hours from where I live, which, if I even get the job [who knows, right?] would mean that I would have to move BY MYSELF to tiny town and leave the husband and the girl here. 

Why, universe? Why?  Is there a reason that I am being shit on and teased?

Because did I also mention that I have panic attacks when I drive on the freeway and thus have not actually driven on the freeway in 7 years?  Except for those occasions when I try and drive on the freeway and get on and the immediately off, screaming and crying the entire time because I am convinced I am going to do.  Stone cold die. 

Those are fun times. 


  1. Whew - that's quite a freak out! Just take a deep breath and trust everything will work out.

    Or stalk a woodland creature.

    It always works for me.

  2. There's no getting around it. The universe is a rat bastard.

  3. Megan, I am trying the deep breathing thing, but I'm kind of wishing I had an oxygen mask. I may have to take out a woodland creature. The husband spotted and opossum by our trash cans.

    KathyR - I'm sad to hear it, but not surprised.


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