Tuesday, July 13, 2010

UPDATED: to make sense. WTF, Blogger Texting? WTF?

I just finished reading A Reliable Wife for my book club [No. I'm not going to link.  It was that shitty.]. The woman who picked it could not stop telling me how much she LOVED this book and what a page turner it was.

I thought it was crappy and frankly skimmed a few (several) (a lot) of the lengthier blah blah blah pretending to be literary passages.

My dilemmas is thus: How honest can I be about how lame I found this book? In my old book club, I had no qualms. This one? New group and I'm trying to be nice.  Just for funsies.  We'll see how long that lasts.

PS - the best thing was that as soon as I texted my post, I went on Twitter to find that both Heidi from Heidi's Notes and Suzy from Where Hot Comes to Die were tweeting about how shitty that book was.  It's unanimous.  That book sucked ass.  Thank you, Twitter, for helping me find my people.

ALSO, FUCK YOU COCKING STUPID BLOGGER. Why could I previously text entries and have them work but NOW? I end up with crazy time?  Screw you, technology.

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