Friday, July 2, 2010

So THAT'S Why.

I was at the kind-of-spendy market and I usually buy my raisins in the store bulk packaging [does that make sense? Do you know what I mean? Where they have bulk stuff but they've already put it in the plastic containers and weighed it, because while I want to be all environmentally conscious and do the whole bulk buying thing, I'm pretty fucking lazy and need someone else to do my packaging?]

 See what I'm getting at, here?  Bulk stuff, but my store has the stuff packaged, too.  Because we are evidently VERY VERY lazy.

because they have these great Flame Raisins, which I don't know what they are [Gay raisins? (Sorry, been watching Will & Grace again) Fire raisins? Caliente raisins?] but these bastards are plump and delicious.

 How awesome is Sean Hayes?  I love Love LOVE him.  He's a great actor and kinda dreamy.

Not plump or delicious, though.  At least as far as I know.  Maybe.  Who's to say?

Anyway, the raisins used to be about $2something/pound, and I'd get a pound or so, and it would be a nice cheap addition to my morning oatmeal and random cookies. 

Then the last time I bought them I ended up paying almost $7 for the raisins and I was flipping out.  I checked the receipt and the label and was like, "Oh, HELL NO, they did not charge me organic raisin prices for regular raisins, because that is FUCKING BULLSHIT and I will burn them to the ground and salt the earth . . . " and all kinds of crazy cakes.

[Because again, while I admire the whole bulk food/organic thing, there is a limit.  And my limit is evidently paying more than $2something for raisins.]

I don't want to pay this much for raisins.  I just don't.

So I go to the store and I have to get raisins again [not the next day or anything, it was at least a couple of weeks and a batch of cookies later, I'm not ADDICTED] and I check the prices and THEY ARE ALL like $5 a pound. WHAT THE HELL?  These are basically dessicated fruit, shit that you would throw away, right?  OLD FOOD.  $5 a pound!

So I scrounge around the pile of plastic containers and find a package from the end of May that was labeled to sell at $2something/pound.  I take those and the other SUPER EXPENSIVE package and ask the cashier why the price is doubled, and she said that they probably got a new distributor or something.  "But they are the same raisins, right?" I ask.  "Yes, the same raisins." Sign me up for the cheapos, please.

Well, it turns out that they are a bit different in that the $5/pound raisins are a LOT less stemmy.  Markedly so.

Which is probably why they cost more.  That whole quality control thing.

And I bet you can't believe you just read a whole fucking blog post about raisins.  Me neither.


  1. I've written this post in my head about a million times about different items--often from Whole Paycheck, but I won't name names.

    Sorry 'bout your stemmy raisins...

  2. Can you do sultanas for your next post?

  3. MaryP - I'm glad I'm not the only one! I swear, I thought it was a conspiracy.

    NurseMyra - Sultanas on deck. I like them with spinach. Mmmm . . . now I'm hungry.


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