Friday, August 6, 2010

Hey, at least it's not a list of what I did today. That's a whole other post.

* I never feel like I'm on top of stuff I haven't showered first thing in the morning.  Even waiting to shower after I've worked out makes me feel like I'm about an hour behind on everything.  Of course, showering and then working out is doing no one any favors.  It's always that way, isn't it? Your needs vs. the world's.  And because I am a good person, I'm taking this one on the chin for the world.  You're welcome.

* I think I love the idea of Sephora more than I do the practice.  Part of that is because I have no use for the SMOKY EYE, but most of that is that I have super sensitive skin and am limited in my purchasing [Hello, Clinique!].  I've introduced the girl to Sephora, so we may get more mileage out of it.

* I've been trying to sit in the sun for about 30 minutes every day because I have to be in a wedding in about a week and while I am generally really o.k. with myself, particularly because I am awesome, I am going to be the oldest bridesmaid and also the fattest. I refuse to be the pastiest. 

* So, because I've been sitting in the sun, my chest is a nice burnt sienna. It should go really well with the bridesmaid dresses.  Eh. Whatever.  It can't be worse that the time I had to wear some kind of Little House on the Prairie dress.  Which will not beat the time my sister had to wear, I wish I was joking, a full on Scarlett O'Hara hoop-skirted PEACH satin dress with a giant straw hat with peach flowers on it.  Man, she lucked out.

* Can you explain to me, Crayola, why this is the best image google could come up with for burnt sienna?  Ridiculous.

How 1970s does this picture look?  Where's the guy with the burnt umber afro?

* My 42nd birthday is coming up [I'll have a full list of gift ideas soon, don't worry.  You'll still have time to get me a little something nice and overnight it.  Thanks in advance.].  I'm feeling o.k. about it, but I keep waiting to be that age where I just don't give a fuck.  I was that age once, and I liked it.  I'd like to get back to it. Older women I know say that they reach a point that they are completely free to be themselves.  I love that.  I love that feeling of just being you and not worrying about everyone else's response to you.

* What age would you think it is that women can truly be themselves?  I hope 42 is the magic number.  I know it's supposed to be THE ANSWER.  Wouldn't that be awesome if it were true?

* Why don't I just make it true?  I should.

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