Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Important Thing Is to Learn From Your Mistakes

This morning the girl had dry cereal for breakfast.  Why? Because I forgot to buy milk, and she didn't feel that half & half was a good substitute.  Whatever, keep your arteries clean.  See if I care. 

So yeah, I forgot to buy milk.  Even though I was actually AT the grocery store yesterday.  And thought about it.  But decided that I didn't need it.

Actually, I didn't even decide that. Instead, I thought about buying milk and then my attention was diverted by the cheese room [yes, the store I was at has a cheese room.  It's about the size of galley kitchen and filled from floor to ceiling with delicious types of cheese.  I spend an in ordinate amount of time there.] and even though I WALKED RIGHT PAST the milk, I didn't get any. 

Which is kind of typical of my shopping trips.  They always turn into some kind of debacle, where I forget what I really came in to get or spend all my money on bags of spinach [they were on sale! And we love spinach!] or actually remember what I needed but still, somehow, walk right past it because LOOK! The yogurt comes in a new package! PRETTY.

And while this may not be a debacle to write home about, it is a debacle to write on my blog about. 


I kind of love that word.

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Also, it's time for October's Raw Photos Contest.

Andygirl and I host a delightful Raw Photos contest each month on Flickr.  And as Andygirl and I have noted, September's topic [Back to School] was a bit too narrow, turning it in to quite the debacle, since only two people entered. [But thanks so much for entering, Lizzydanger & Teejayphotography! You rock!] 

So yeah, a giant whoopsie, a flagrant misstep.  And on our second contest.  Nice.

But you know what's great?  You can learn from your mistakes, even spectacular ones, and rise above.  Really.  You can!

So in an effort to be more inclusive and overcome our fantastic error, we're bringing you the fantabulous big tent topic for October:


What's autumn look like in your neck of the woods or patella of the subdivision or tibia of the downtown brownstones?

Lots of leaves turning colors?
Damnable heat and humidity?
Still  more greenery?

Show us what you've got!

Here's a quick summary of the rules:  You get to enter up to two [2] photos during the week the contest is open.  The only limitations are that the photos have to be yours and you CANNOT Photoshop your photo.  Play around all you want while you are taking the picture, but don't mess around after.  The complete rules are on the Flickr page.

Entries begin OCTOBER 1st and run for one week.  THAT'S TOMORROW!!

So get cracking and submit here.

The winner's photo will be posted on our blogs Crazy with a side of Awesome Sauce and The Suniverse, our Twitter feeds @andygirl  and @TheSuniverse, and on Flickr


Don't forget - there's still time to comment on my Glee post and win a copy of Filled with Glee!  Please help me not turn this into some sort of debacle by having only one entry and that being a spam comment that I accidentally published because I was woozy from antihistamines and Advair.


  1. Going to confess right here and now that I often go to the store for a "quick" list of things and INTENTIONALLY opt out of buying milk because it's too heavy and I didn't choose to get a cart. I figure the kids can survive a dinner/breakfast without milk and I'll get it tomorrow. (Or sometime later this week.)

    For those of you wondering, my name has one L and a Y when you go to engrave the Mother of the Year trophy.

  2. I am so guilty of grocery store black out. I arrive with the best of intentions. And leave without the item that initiated the trip.


  3. debacle is an amazing word. i probably say it 100 times a week.

  4. Alyson - I am polishing up the trophy right now. You are AWESOME!

    Renee - I think those are the trips that really make me crazy - I NEED MILK and I get everything EXCEPT milk. Ugh.

    Magnolia - It is a fun word, isn't it?

  5. dude. i never put milk directly on my ceral. AND i love half and half. kai move in? kthx :)

  6. when I lived in France, you could only get whole milk or something like half and half. so I would water it down. water fixes everything.

  7. Just two thoughts here:
    1. You have a cheese room at your grocery store? I want to shop where you shop.
    2. How in the world to you get your family to eat spinach? I'm impressed.

  8. My Little Becky - Welcome home, sweetie. Welcome home.

    Andygirl - Smart! I'll do that next time. There will be a next time.

    Booyah's Momma - I love that cheese room more than some rooms in my own house. I do. Also, the easiest way to get people to eat spinach is to make a salad with bacon and cheese. It's like they don't notice it.

  9. Hi there!

    I came over because I saw you visited my place today for Shannon's giveaway...wanted to return the favor. When I noticed you using the word "debacle" over and over, I knew it was fate. And thus I am your newest follower.

    Happy Friday!

    erin @ the mother load

  10. Erin - oh, yay! Thanks for coming over. You are so awesome! [Debacle]

  11. Cheese room...sounds like Westborn Market. I usually go in there and come out a whole lot lighter in the wallet.

  12. Unmitigated Me - YES! Westborn Market - the cheese room calls to me! I can't resist its siren song.


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