Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Flip Offs - How Sweet It Is

I had no idea that such a delightful concept existed, a place to channel my weekly rage.  It's like therapy, but scads cheaper, and I feel like I'm benefiting the community, too.
So, here are my inaugural Friday Flip Offs:

Flip Off to this shitastic economy.  It's been a good long while of bad and worse news, and nothing is getting better.  Where's the WPA when you need it?  Come on, people.  Let's get this country working again.  [And by country, I mean me.  Immediately.]
Yes. Yes it does. And it also pays the bills.

Fuck you, I mean FLIP OFF whoever the lame rapper is who calls himself the Teflon Don.  There was only one Teflon Don, and that was this man:

 So smooth, so cool.  I miss you, Mr. Gotti.
Also, Flip Off my inability to keep my hands out of the cookie jar.  Even though I'm not supposed to eat sugar OR flour.  The subsequent headache and stomach pains and batting about my pancreas like a pinata never act as a deterrent to the DELICIOUS OH MY GOD SO GOOD cookies in the jar. 

Evil tempters. Stop your siren songs!
And finally, Flip Off to weird intestinal disturbances.  Let's just leave it at that.

There.  I feel much better.

 Still don't feel like you got all the agita out?  Try working in another medium!  The Raw Photos Contest starts today!  Check Flickr for all the rules.  You'll feel better if you enter.  Trust me.

Want another way to feel better? Enter my contest to win a copy of Filled with Glee!  You won't be sorry.


  1. lol i love the cookie jar one!!!

  2. Aren't Friday Flip Offs great! Nice way to vent and get it all out before the weekend! Love it!

  3. Aims - Thanks! It's sooo tempting.

    Danielle - It is a GREAT feeling. I'm nicer for it!

  4. yes, cookies *are* evil tempters! so is ice cream. and peanut butter cups. and peppermint patties.

  5. Andygirl - they are all rat bastards.

  6. Mmmm. cookies.

    The Don - 'tis true, there was only one.

    Thanks for linking up! I had the best weekend :p

  7. MommaKiss - Yes, indeedy, cookies. And I do miss Mr. Gotti. He was FANTASTIC.


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