Saturday, October 16, 2010


I had to run to the doctor's office the other day [I was out of the Zyrtec substitute she wants me to take, and I'm still not comfortable enough to take any random generic brand, because the crazy, it is full on, so I have to go and get it at that pharmacy.  Plus, it's only $3 for the month's supply. SWEET!] and as I was walking in, I saw a woman with SIX small children corralling them out of the building.  They looked like her, so I'm assuming they were all hers.

And I can't help it.  I get crazy judgy when I see women with that many kids.  I want to shout, "YOUR UTERUS IS NOT A CLOWN CAR!"

I'm sure it's a reaction to having only the one kid, but it's also because I feel like people who have that many kids and don't live on a farm are just doing it to be smug.

Anyway, this reminded me of this woman I used to know when the girl was very little.  One of her ever expanding brood [there were 3 at the time I knew her, and she was pregnant with the fourth] was friends with the girl, and sometimes she'd go over there.

And we were chatting one day, about child safety, and I said, "Well, it's not like you have a gun in the house." And she said, "Well, actually, we do."

Huh.  O.k.

We didn't remain friends, because what the fuck was I going to do with that?


  1. Unless the kid's parent is a cop or a secret service person, there is NO reason for a gun in the house. And if they need the gun for their profession, you know it's properly locked in a gun safe, unloaded. People are so stupid about 'needing' guns.

  2. good. LORD. a gun in the house with that many little kids. and i'm guessing these folks weren't hunters. i will NEVER keep a gun in my home, ever. when i was a kid, my friend's little brother killed his best friend in a stupid gun accident. after that, i lost all desire to ever have a gun around me in any way. there's no need.

  3. Ok, I'll play devil's advocate.

    I was raised with guns in the house. My father and grandfather both shot trap and skeet. There were lots of shotguns and handguns. We were taught at an early age about gun safety. I do own guns myself. My daughter was raised around guns. She learned gun safety at an early age. She has her own shotgun. My father taught to shoot trap and skeet.

    Yes, our guns are locked up. The guns though are not the danger. The danger is lack of education. And lack of safety precautions.

  4. Unmitigated Me - I agree wholeheartedly. And no, neither was the case. Instead, it was for "security". Ugh.

    Chicken's Consigliere - I know, right?

    Magnolia - That is AWFUL. What a horrible thing to have happen. That is my greatest fear.

    Renee - I understand your position about hunting in theory, but in practice, I just don't want to be a statistic.

    Andygirl - thanks!

  5. Four kids & a gun. Sounds like a reality show waiting to happen.

  6. Wendi - honestly, I hate to think what could happen in that house. It's too scary.


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