Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Drive, baby, drive

I hate to drive.

I'm sure I've mentioned that before.  I hate it.  I hate running errands.  I'm panicked about driving on the freeway, to the extent that I don't do it.  I get frustrated at red lights.

I hate it.

And so, of course, this job I have is on the other side of the metro area, with no good way to get there.  And, thanks to the recovery act, all the road that were not fixed for I can't even remember how many years are finally being taken care of. All at the same fucking time.  So there's random construction popping up while I've been sleeping or have been at work.

I try and make calls when I'm driving, to have something to take my mind off of the constant stop and go, but I don't like talking when I'm driving because I get so cranky.

I picked up some books on tape.  I got David Sedaris's Holidays on Ice, The Vagina Monologues and Sue Grafton's U is for U-something or other, I forget what.  I could do a review of the books, but instead I'll do a review of what it's like listening to them.

I'm not a good audiobook listener.

My mind wanders and I miss a ton of stuff.  Also, I tend not to remember the people's names and can't figure out who is doing what and why.  This isn't so bad with a book of essays, like Sedaris's.  But for the mystery book?  I have no idea what's going on or why.  But, I prefer to listen to it, because I feel like I can zone in when I want and even though I've missed big swathes of reading, I'll still get the gist at some point.

Also, I can only handle so much of Sedaris at one time. 


It's not his voice, which is on the border of annoying. 

It's more that I can only handle so much hahahahorribledowner stuff at one time.  And when I'm driving is not the time.

I got some good recs from Twitter, which I'll try and pick up this week.  And if you have any good ideas for something frothy and funny that doesn't require me to listen all the time, let me know.

Or maybe I'll dictate my novel while I drive.  That's a good use of time, and I feel like I'd be accomplishing something MAJOR.

Or maybe I won't.  It doesn't matter, I guess.  Just trying to pass the time.


  1. I'm going to have to try listening to a book on tape. I have never done this. Hopefully it will help my little road rage problem.

  2. I'm the opposite. I love driving. If I tried to listen to a book, I'm afraid I'd fall asleep. That would be bad.

    And that construction thing is big here too.

  3. "All at the same fucking time." This proves there is man in charge of MDOT. NO WOMAN would do that!

    My Word Verification is sarfur. Is that south of Darfur?

  4. since i am no longer among the regularly driving, i actually enjoy it these days. when i had to commute by car, though, i was the worst road-rager in the history of time. it didn't help matters that it took me 45 minutes every morning to drive 12 miles, and those same 12 miles took me 75 minutes at night. grrr...

  5. Cecelia - It's not really helped a lot, but every little bit is good. I'm trying to stay calm. It's tough.

    Renee - Construction makes me nuts. I know people who like to drive, but I just cannot get that. It's too frustrating.

    GrandeMocha - I love you. That's hilarious.

    Magnolia - I think that's the worst part - it's only 20 miles, but it takes about an hour. THAT'S NOT RIGHT!!!

  6. sorry, I am NOT a book on tape kinda gal. I need music when I drive.

  7. musicals on tape. do they make those?


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