Monday, October 11, 2010

And the Winner is . . .

Seriously, this was HARD!! So hard to choose.

But, we decided.  Finally.  After a lot of "Oh, my god, THIS one is gorgeous" and "But look at THAT one!"

We decided, and here they are:

The finalist:

This incredible shot.  I love that it's black and white, but still so evocative.  And the steps are incredible.

by teejayphotography


And the winner is:

by Jenndola


I just cannot get over how gorgeous this photo is.  It's sublime.  What an incredible image.  Don't you LOVE IT?

Thanks so much to everyone who entered.  You all are rock stars.  I can't stress how difficult it is to choose a winner.  Your work is fantastic.

The next contest will be at the end of November.  The theme is:  LOVE!  You can interpret that however you'd like.  I can't WAIT to see your entries!

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  1. both of those shots are stunning. congrats to all.


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