Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Flip Offs - Devil's Night Comes Early

Oh, it's that time again.  That time when I can let loose the anger that has been stewing.

Without any further ado:

Flip Off Cold Halloween Nights.  What a bummer for kids to have great costumes and then have to cover up in winter coats because it's 40 degrees.  Come on, weather.  Cut us a break.  I want to see the princess without the down jacket.

Flip Off Slow Internet Connections.  Honest to god, AT&T, you guys are belligerent wankers who are doing your best to make me CRAZY with the dawdling.  How is it so hard to UPLOAD A PICTURE???  It's taking forever.  Somehow, this is worse than dial-up.

Flip Off Running Out of a Key Ingredient While Cooking.  Like, say, making chicken stir fry and having everything ready and chopped and cooked and good to go and then reaching into the fridge for the soy sauce only to find . . . nothing.  No soy sauce.  Anywhere.  Still, as a silver lining?  Fried rice sans soy sauce is not too shabby!

And finally,

Flip Off People Being Mean to My Kid.  You may be a kid yourself, but you'd better watch your step.  I will end you.

What's making you clench your teeth today?


  1. oh I know! it will be raining on Sunday so my cute Audrey Hepburn hair will most likely be soggy and dripping. boo!

  2. We've had three days of temps in the 70's and now it is getting cold. That's kind of bumming me out. We've always been so lucky with Halloween. Oh well, there's still time!

  3. i was realllly getting on my nerves earlier today. but went for a hike with someone who was worse off than me. so now i'm feeling better.

  4. I know what you mean about running out of the key ingredient!!! I'm glad you vouched for the no-soya stirfrye though, I would have been a sceptic otherwise!

  5. Amen on the mean kids. Wouldn't it be awesome if we could just nail 'em and not have to be all politically correct or grown up about it?

  6. It was wicked cold here for trick or treating. I sent the boys out anyway. Just costumes. Mother O the Year!


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