Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Can't Do That

I have weird manifestations of OCD - as opposed to the normal manifestations.  In fact, I wasn't aware that the things I did would even be considered OCD.  I thought OCD was strictly about washing your hands and making sure that your door is locked and putting your shoes on right foot first ALWAYS because OMG otherwise you'd feel weird all day.

Not that I'd know anything about that.

Anyway, I was talking to my therapist about stuff I do, like having to plan out, exactly, how I'd get from point A to point B, or my issues with food, nothing about eating disorders, more about having to have things be absolutely perfect or clean.  Like, I would never, in a million years, take a can that had a ripped label, much less one that was dented.  Selecting produce can be exhausting.  I didn't think it was odd; I simply thought I was fastidious.

And if I did run across something that I had purchase that was not right?  There is no way in hell I would eat it.  Like, say, I'd get a wonky potato chip, with maybe a hole in the middle of it.  I'd immediately think, "Huh, that's weird.  It looks like a worm ate through it.  Or maybe an evil poisoner meticulously drilled it with a poisoned awl.  Hahaha.  Not that those things would ever happen.  But anyway, I'm not eating that."  And then I'd set it aside and leave it on a napkin until I threw it away.  Like so:

Evil Potato Chip.
Yeah. So.  Wonky chip leads to wonky thoughts and I have to surreptitiously take a photo of my food so I can tell the internet what a nutjob I am.


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  1. i am SO with you on the wonky food thing. the man hates to shop for groceries with me because it takes me so long to go through the produce section...

  2. I am OCD too. don't worry.

    my food can't touch. I mean, I've progressed to eating tacos and lasagna (foods that are all mixy). but if it's not meant to touch? no way it can. or I won't eat it. or I'll eat around the touching parts.

    I also count all day long. syllables. steps. I like to get to even numbers. if I don't, my whole day is ruined.

    I also plan things out and if I do it out of order, the world implodes.

    see? you're in good, crazy company.

  3. my OCD is out of fucking control. read my last post. i'm not making this shit up. xoxo

  4. Um, yes. OCD is real and you are definitely a card-carrying member. :)

  5. See, those kinds of chips are my favorite and I set them aside to save them for last.

  6. Ditto what KLZ said. I live for those misshapen chips.

    But now I'm sad that I'm not OCD, because I feel left out.

  7. I'm so much like you it's not even funny!

  8. I think we're all OCD about something even if those "somethings" don't fall into most people's perceptions of what OCD is. Myself, I hate the sound that certain objects make. Like...the corner of a cardboard box rubbing against a wall....or a ballpoint pen that has just run out of ink scritching against the paper. That noise? Sounds....dry. And....when I hear it....I have surface in question. Yes. I am not proud.


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