Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday in Pictures

My then 11 year old daughter and I were playing Scrabble while she recuperated after she had knee surgery.  Not the best shot from my iPhone, but I'll give you a minute to find the word she's so proud of having placed on the board.


  1. My eyes went first to "food." And then my thoughts went to bacon, which is what is cooking in the other room in our house on this Sunday morning.

    And then a couple of my children acted like savages, and I saw the word you meant.

    Like how that all came together?

  2. I applaud your daughter. Scrabble sabotage means she's a born winner.

  3. Alyson - That's awesome. I'm glad it came together for you. Plus! BACON!!

    Jo - Thanks! I think she'll do well.

  4. I like the way this girl thinks!

  5. It was very good use of difficult letters.

    She's obviously well read ;)

  6. Renee - Yes, her taste in literature is quite diverse!

  7. I WISH I could take such Fab photos from iphone. Mine are always blurry and look like they've either been taken with a security camera or part of Paris Hilton's sex tape. It ain't pretty! Give me your secrets!
    I'm assuming she's proud of "Zoo" since that's 12 points. Also, I'm almost positive that you are the one who added "Anus"

  8. Tonya - Oh, thanks! No secret, just keep taking them until one turns out. Yes, it was zoo. I am always adding anuses wherever I go.

    GrandeMocha - OMG! I didn't even think of that, but it will be!


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