Monday, November 22, 2010

Head Down and Power Through

I love going to the dentist.

I really do.

I love getting my teeth cleaned.  I love the whirring noise that the polisher makes.

I even love the pointy weapons the hygienist wields when she's scraping the plaque and tartar between my teeth.  I love that feeling after going to the dentist, when my teeth are super clean.  It's like I can't stop French kissing my own mouth, I keep running my tongue around it.

This last time, I even got to hold the spit sucky thing, which I now want at home.  Why bother swallowing all that saliva when there is a machine that can do it for me?  Swallowing is for chumps.

The only problem now is that I've got a cavity.  Which actually isn't so much of a problem, because in theory and in practice, I don't mind having cavities filled.


For the whole crazy cakes thing I've got going on.  Where I'm deathly afraid of medication. 

I'm terrified of getting the numbing shot.  Particularly since the last time I had lidocaine, I ended up with a racing heart and queasiness and just about passed out and threw up all over the nice nurse.

So.  Here I sit.  I know I need to do this.  And I will do this.  Except I think I may just do this without any type of meds.

How bad can it be?


  1. I have to comment to let you know I like your profile pic. i am jealous.

  2. I love going to the dentist!

    but yeah, I got my first 3 cavities last year. convinced myself I was a dental failure. but the fillings weren't as bad as I thought and the dentist was super gentle. it was a breeze.

  3. I love having my teeth cleaned.

    Not so all about fillings and such. But my dentist is pretty good with the giant numbing needle.

  4. i hate needles too. but my god, i do love the pain medicine. probably because i am a gigantic wuss about this stuff.

  5. i need to go to the dentist. thanks for the reminder. needles suck.

  6. soooooo didja do it? I'm not skerd of the dentist, but when you can't handle the drugs, that's tough!

  7. Ask the dentist. If it's not deep, I almost always do it without the meds. The meds last for hours, which can drive me nuts.

  8. I had an old cavity re-filled a few weeks (which, I think, totally doesn't count and therefore I shouldn't have to pay again because I *already* paid a few years ago when it was done the first time), and I can't imagine having it done without meds. Also, I can't imagine having children without meds. Also, I can't imagine having children.


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