Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday in Pictures

Last Friday, thanks to the good graces of a co-worker, the husband and I went to the UM hockey game and sat in these incredible seats.

If you have never gone to a UM hockey game, and you are able, I HIGHLY recommend it.  The crowd is super-hyped, the cheers used to be hilariously profane [the band now drowns out the students, but if you happen to be sitting near them, they will gladly tell you what they're saying] and the game is quick, fun and played by guys who have been drafted by the NHL, so you know they're good.

It was a nice, unexpected date night.


  1. ooh, hockey. when the semester ends, i have GOT to get myself to see my beloved washington capitals. LOVE them. :)

  2. I love think it's all that violence and missing teeth.


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