Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You Know What I Like

I'm making a concerted effort to be more positive in my day to day life.  This is partially because at work there is a guy we've dubbed Eeyore, as he is so unrelentingly negative.  I don't want to be that guy, so I've started listing things I like.  Here are some of them.

My Likes (as of today):
  • Salty foods.  I like sweets during PMS week [which is my own personal sweeps week], but my snack of choice is savory.  Popcorn is my favorite.  But only buttered and salted.  I'm not a fan of the flavored popcorn.  Why mess with perfection?
  • Aveda Hand Cream
  • My kid
  • Reading on a Sunday afternoon
  • Doing the New York Times crossword puzzle.  In ink.  I kick ass on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday becomes much, much harder and only gets half-finished.  Fridays?  I'm lucky if I can get a few words.  Somehow, the Sunday puzzles are easier than the Friday puzzles.  Weird.
  • That cool feeling when a light bulb has been replaced and suddenly, the world is so much shinier.
  • Doing my nails.  I love new colors and love my OPI polishes and the idea of sitting for half an hour, doing nothing and waiting for my nails to dry.  [This week, it's Black Cherry Chutney.]
  • A full pantry
  • Finding a new song that is AWESOME.  I'm loving Thievery Corporation - so fantastic!
  • Making new friends
  • Clean laundry.  I love that feel and smell and the stacks of clothes waiting to put together into fantastic outfits!  Even if I end up wearing the same things over and over again.  Possibilities!  I love them!
  • My husband.  Most days.
  • Sparkling water.  I love San Pellegrino and Perrier with lime and La Croix grapefruit.  So tasty.
What are your likes?


You know what else I like?  Being the Tuesday poster at Secret Society of List Addicts.  Check me out - I'm talking about mothers and daughters.  It's touching.  Or touched in the head.


  1. a grande mocha from starbucks

    crawfish pies at the superdome in new orleans

    new orleans in general, for that matter

    a good margarita

    the scent of my boyfriend lingering in the shirt i've stolen to sleep in

    the friends who know and love me, blog and non-blog

  2. Well, hey, I think we should hook up some Saturday and work on a Friday puzzle together! I have worked my way through a book of NYT Sunday puzzles, but didn't realize the Fridays were the tough ones!

  3. hiya hon! here checking if you have a 'subscribe by e-mail button'
    anyway :p
    LOVE OPI's ski teal we drop. dark teal. love it. And the grapefruit perrier. YUM.


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