Wednesday, November 17, 2010

But What Does That MEAN?

I love language.

I've been reading since I can remember, and I'm pretty particular about how I use my words.  I can be a real pedant about word choice and the correct way to parse a sentence and why a particular word should be used instead of another.

Which makes it somewhat surprising that I swear like a motherfucker.

I really, really do.

I use fuck as an adjective, adverb, gerund, noun, and verb [although not as often as we would like, I'm sure - but such is married life].

But the thing is, while I think that most people consider using foul language as a base, anti-intellectual practice, I find it liberating and a delightful use of my imagination.

Coming up with great new turns of phrase and eloquent but profane sentence structures are fun!  It's a motherfucking hoot!  And people may not have heard of jackfucking cockknocker, but they sure get a pretty quick idea that it's someone they do not want to know.

Foul language is a great way to express yourself, to get your point across, without the use of pedantic language constructs.

Which just goes to show you, I think, that your vocabulary can be limitless, even though it may not be appropriate in all circumstances.


This post is part of Word Up, Yo!, although I'm sure they wish it wasn't.

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  1. Fucking awesome! I catch myself trying to be way more "proper" than I feel. I'm trying very hard to let go and let the shit fly.
    And splatter where it may.

  2. YES. the boyfriend and i both tend to use the word "fuck" (and its various and colorful iterations) the way other people use commas. it reminds me of my favorite exchange from "the big lebowski":

    "oh, dude, just one more thing. do you have to use so many cuss words?"
    "what the fuck are you talking about?"
    "ok, dude. have 'er your way."

  3. Love this -- when I was getting my BS in Linguistics, we actually studied the f-word because it's unique in the English language for all it's various parts of speech....

    You're a scholar, really.

  4. fuck yes! you have such a fucking great way with words!

  5. An ex once told me that I don't choose my words carefully. I was like, "Really? You know I'm a writer, right? And that I fucking choose words for a living?" And she was all, "What are you saying, I've hurt your ego now?"

    I'm not sure why that relationship didn't last. She was hot.

  6. Cuss words are awesome because they so clearly and creatively illustrate what you mean. When someone sucks fatass rhinocerous cock, no one questions your intent.

  7. I, for one, would like to commend your use of the word, "parse". Now, that's not a word you hear every fucking day.

  8. As words go- it really is the trump card, isn't it. Endless parts of speech, or justa standalone. Not many words can pul that off.


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