Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rewind Review #5 - Greek

You know how you are just now watching/reading/hearing that thing that everyone was talking about 1/2/10/15/20 years ago?  Or maybe you're revisiting something you LOVED and want desperately to talk about it to someone who cares?  Well, this is my forum to discuss that thing.  Join in, make suggestions, read my genius thoughts about that old school thing.  [Not to be confused with Old School, the movie, or being old school.  Although either of those may come up in the future.]


Hulu has been awesome.  Truly.  I love that I can just watch something I never would have thought of.  Something that seemed o.k.-ish but that I wouldn't make time for in my week.

That's how I stumbled upon Greek.
Mmm.  Beer.

 It's a show centered around 3 people - Casey [the girl], Evan [preppy cute guy] and Cappy [slacker cute guy].

Evan, Casey and Cappy.  Did you know that Casey is Kelsey Grammer's daughter?  It makes me feel really bad for her.

Casey keeps spinning between Evan and Cappy.   I prefer Evan.  Because I have dated my share of cute slackers [and I don't think this guy is that cute, really] and honest to god, they are cute and relaxed but OMFG, I need a little more.  I need edge.  I need deviousness.  I need a guy who is going to be cute AND be kind of a jerk. 
Pretty.  And dirty.  So, so dirty.
 In my t.v. shows.  I like the nice guy in real life.  Really.  Maybe.

Anyway, so it's about these three, but it's got some really fun characters who make it fun - like two of Casey's sorority sisters: Rebecca, the spoiled slutty rich girl, and Casey's friend whose name I can never remember, who is all about the fashion and the boys.

Rebecca [how smoking hot is she?], What's Her Name, and Casey.  Ah, sorority girls.  They all look like this, right?
Casey's brother Rusty also goes to Cyprus Rhodes University.  He's a geek and has pledged a frat [Cappy's] but lives with Dale, who KILLS ME DEAD.  Dale is hilarious - a religious zealot who tosses out crazy ass lines about how they are all going to hell. 
Dale and Rusty.  I heart me some Dale.  Rusty's pretty funny, too.  Very earnest.
The show, obviously, centers around college life. Which I thought was a lot of fun when I was there. I did not pledge a sorority in college, but I did attend my fair share of frat parties and did end up marrying a frat guy [boy, was THAT a one night stand to remember!].  So while I can't say that this show is an accurate depiction of what happens in fraternities or sororities, I think it's fun to watch. Particularly Dale. 

It has its share of Very Special Episodes, like a guy coming out, and couples cheating, but they are handled surprisingly well, with a lot of humor and wit and smartly done.  In particular, Dale's crisis of faith is treated really, really well, with a lot of humor and a lot of intelligence and heart.

Calvin, the gay guy.  With Evan, who is very understanding and makes sure no one gives him any crap for being gay.  See?  He may be a douchey evil cheating jerk, but he's no homophobe.
Funnily enough, this show was [is? I'm not sure if' it's still going] on ABC Family, which I think would make founder Pat Robertson shit himself or continue his crazy ass diatribes about the dissolution of America.  Also, did you know that when ABC bought the Family Channel, it acquiesced to his demand that his crazy ass chatfest The 700 Club be broadcast twice a day IN PERPETUITY? Or for like 99 years or something. Who the fuck was the lawyer for ABC?  Idiot.

So, anyway, I would watch this show.  It's good fluff.   I particularly like it when I'm ironing, for some reason.  I'm not sure what that means.


  1. yeah, the whole 700 club thing is a touch on the horrifying side. like the world needs more of that guy's opinions broadcast into it...

  2. "Lalalalalala" - that's me covering my ears so I can't hear you recommend a tv show. You always have such great choices and then I wind up missing major milestones of my family's life because I'm too busy watching Glee (it was worth it) :)


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